Privacy Policy

Full Proof Strategy To Ensure Optimum Privacy.
We have a strategic and flawless privacy policy to provide 100% safeguard to all the customers without any discrimination. We have an entire team of people who work at their best to ensure the finest level of privacy solutions to our esteemed customers.

Your personal data:
Every bit and piece of data that you provide while completing the order form, does not remain with us. Once your order is completed and delivered we immediately remove all of it from our data base. The paper fully belongs to you and your personal number, name and other details are never used for any sort of a follow up or marketing purposes. Neither it is shared with any party or body in return of any benefit. Unlike other service we do not sale your contact and information as leads to other marketing agencies.

Google Analytics etc:
This tool is used by the marketing specialists to analyze the traffic on a website with certain specifications. This tool does not excel the ability to acquire any visitor’s information that he enters or puts into our system.

Monetary transaction Security:
We are a party that presents itself before a widely accepted and recognized third party for payment security matters famously known as PCI compliance is the regulatory authority that audits our working stations and order forms to empirically ensure transparency and loyalty in our practices. The federal trade commission bounds us to share all our IT related details with them so that their officers can make sure that none of our staff members is able to obtain any credit/debit or other card information that the customers provide to our payment processor.
This is yet another important point to note that we or none of our reps, either on phone or live chat, is normally allowed to take your card information. Because you do it on your own by using your paypal account or a Credit or Debit card on our payment processor’s page.
Long story short, we ensure that no one has the access to your sensitive monetary details and those who have it are bound by internationally recognized institutionsand thus they never get into a misconduct.

You can turn off the cookies if you do not want our website to collect some of your systems’ information and you should know that once you turn off your cookies there are a few features on our website that may get incompatible.