All The Commonly and Frequently Asked Questions Have Been Answered In The Light Of Our Services Policy!

Although we have a huge number of returning and old customers who revert to us every time they are in a need of an academic assignment we still have to answer the new fellows who want to get on board. Mostly they ask some common questions that every first timer asks and to save the time on both ends we are mentioning those questions along with the answers.

How can I trust you?
We are not new and we have been endorsed by so many students and recommended by thousands and thousands of our users on facebook and everywhere that there is no legacy of such a question. We aim to serve our esteemed customers all over the globe. We don’t spend much on our marketing because our satisfied and happy customers are the best marketing tool we have. The biggest catch in our services is our high quality academic team of writers.

Who are the writers that will work?
These are some great scholars and PhD’s degree holders from mainstream and known universities. They are the team leaders here and under them we have Master’s degree holders and other qualified experts providing great services to students with the promise of no plagiarism and 100% originality.

Will I get the paper on time?
No matter how fast or quick you want the paper we guarantee the quickest and fastest turnaround time in the entire online paper writing industry.

Do you guarantee an A Grade?
There have been numerous cases where our written papers have been awarded A grade but we never guarantee that. A student who is already low on grades for the entire year cannot possible get an A if a goof writer writes the best paper ever. So there are some uncontrollable factors that do not allow us to guarantee this grade. But we do guarantee a score of above 60% in any case.

Do you have writers to cover my area subject?
We have writers who are experts to write in any area of research because of the vast and wide range of topics they have covered in the past. We also have qualified writers in different areas of research and that is why we are able to cover almost every area subject.

Do you guys negotiate on money?
We are already offering the lowest rates that are quite affordable for every student. On the top of that we are offering discounts one every customer who orders more than 6000 words.

Do I get Compensated if I don’t like the paper?
We make all necessary steps to ensure that your instructions are fully incorporated and the writer writes a paper exactly as per your needs but still if there is a problem caused we are ready to compensate in every way we can. Free unlimited revision facility is the best compensation in such a case.

What are the acceptable payment methods?
We accept upfront payments only and as soon as the payment clearance is received the writing process kick starts. You can use your Credit or debit card and all other major cards are accepted as well. Paypal is also a method we are allowing.