Creative Writing Tools That Spark the Creativity of Writers
Creative Writing Tools That Spark the Creativity of Writers

Creative Writing Tools That Spark the Creativity of Writers

No digital tool can spark your creative writing skills!
Any resource that encourages you and fosters your sense of enthusiasm is more than just a spark. Therefore, to say, “digital tools can spark your creative writing skills” might be a false statement because it’s beyond that.

We shouldn’t take tools like these are the only steps we have to focus on. No, tools cannot bring you originality; you have to induce your skills by your creativity in invention of your artistic paper.

We should take the digital tools as the extensive resources available to teacher and students to enhance their creative writing skills.

Today, technology is reaching the heights of success. It is easy for students to get done with their assignments and research papers due to the great use of these tools.

Effective digital tools can also be helpful in many ways most importantly they can make you learn in a way that justifies their use. To approach your challenges make sure to be an inspired learner. To develop your career you should enhance creative solutions for the representation of your skills. Students are nowadays smart enough to know how they can use technologies while teachers are also using digital tools to enhance their presentations of lesson materials.

The real impact can be identified when users of digital tools are asked to justify and explain their digital choices marched with their writing skills.

Writing sometimes feels like less of a mass and more of an overwhelming wall. To innovate the creative piece of art is not just hard enough to meet but also needs a lot of courage and hard work to get. Thanks to the digital resources and tools to whom students can say, do my assignment tigers because these are the gateways of success if used with your abilities.

Things that give you a kick-start to enhance the creative writing skills and these are very necessary to learn if you want to achieve name as being a creative writer:

  • Read one page on daily basis
  • Conduct research
  • Jot your voice of brain on paper
  • Make a routine
  • Do mistakes to learn from them
  • Know your targeted audience
  • Practice everyday
  • Reach out to others for help
  • Keep revising your skills
  • Workshop your skills
  • Kill your comfort zones
  • Submit your work on deadlines
  • Be a ghostwriter for initial time
  • Be career-oriented
  • Go to your learning place regularly

Besides these tips, there are some errors you need to focus on and immediately take a U-turn if you’re on the same route, the mistakes are mentioned below for your help and improvement:

  • Plagiarized content
  • Using big words or paragraphs
  • Use of complicated flowery prose
  • Complicated to read context
  • Copying someone’s else voices
  • Use of too many verbs
  • Use of too many objectives
  • Use of first-person voice
  • Comma errors
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Reading out of niche writings

Creative writing is a difficult task to accomplish but with time we learn and we grow. Sometimes we losses our grip for sure but that doesn’t mean you can’t get up and do better with yourself.

Learn from your past mistakes and make sure to go on as this is life and it will bring you joy only when you survive to fight. These mistakes are normal like anyone can make them as nobody is perfect we know but to avoid them is another big mistake writers usually do.

Apps like Socrative,, and Hemingway are playing great roles in creative writing as being digital tools to enhance student’s writing skills and help teachers with their features.

Many digital tools are visible to eyes but there are few we’ve listed below to consider, these applications are playing an amazing role in the field of creative writing. To not only spark but to do beyond that use these applications with your creative magic:


It is an application you can use to check the readability of your writing. You simply can copy and paste of your text and Hemingway analyses it for you. When it comes to online writing tools to simplify your writing then this one will play an essential role.

This application will let you know if your sentences are hard to read or easy to go and if there would be any distraction in your paper or any complex keyword then Hemingway replaces it to make your paper’s readability more easy for your audience.

Writing Challenge
Writing Challenge

A game-based app is sparking the creative ideas for all type of writers and writing challenge is one of that application. Using this application means to make your writing paper creative enough to catch the eyes of readers. It generates new ideas on its own, build characters, and even dialogues to create whole story scene for a writer. You only have to provide your conclusive ideas to it and this application will make a story for you.

This application is good for fiction writers who want to give their best with the stories. Make sure to give it your right conclusive ideas to make it stories in your styles.

Plot Generator
Plot Generator

This is another big platform for writers to work, what is the most amazing thing is you don’t have to buy it or even download it. It is an UK based tool works online with multiple sparking features for many kinds of writing projects or niche.

You just have to open it through google and it includes all what you want. If you want to write an essay, write-up, letters, song lyrics, stories, and songs, you can just log into it and get your piece of paper in form of creative art. You can find out every genre through this application.


Socrative is in the form of quiz, survey, and feedback tool. It can be helpful for teachers mostly like during lecture it can make you the quiz so you can take a quick quiz with the class to check how much they were present in the class. It helps you to be creative also; it becomes more powerful when learners are challenged to create the activities on their own.

This tool can bring you creativity by encouraging your students to construct their own reflection through digital platforms and gather the feedbacks on their latest class lecture. Votes of students for a teacher means a lot to evaluate him/her, as this is the best way to improve their personalities and way of teaching.

Another splendid online tool for collective creativity, it allows anyone to create their learning platform and challenge themselves to do better and better with time. This masterpiece is valuable for both the students and teachers as its précised value, as a digital tool is quite worthy to use.

This platform can also be used for creating profiles to track important events going on in organizations, schools, colleges, and universities like debate competitions, art festival, poetry competition, and so on. Students can join it through the shared link and be a part of a team through this. You don’t have to add creative writing to attract people, it will do that on its own just give the requirements with your desirable conditions.

For a creative writer, it is important to know that where should he/she should publish their write-ups and how they can attract their audience.

Firstly, the platforms you can use to publish your writing skills are:

  • WordPress
  • E-blog
  • E-book
  • Medium
  • Story Bird
  • Alter Stories
  • Swoon Reads
  • Wattpad
  • Boston Globe
  • Extra Crispy
  • Same Magazine
  • Inkitt
  • Tapas App
  • Issuu
  • Yudu
  • Paper.Li
  • Joomag
  • PubHTML5

Secondly, what to do to gain an audience or to attract as many eyes as you can, below are the tips to keep your writing in an attractive zone:

  • Construct a persona
  • Create a connection with them
  • Be original
  • Be yourself
  • Be informative
  • Be friendly
  • Know your stuff
  • Be helpful
  • Give good advice
  • Use headers
  • Use Sub Headers
  • Be concise
  • Use pictures or graphical images
  • Use bullet points


  • Generate call to action
  • Be a good editor
  • Proofread your work
  • Don’t sound fake
  • Be clear
  • Use easy to understand vocabulary
  • Use good keywords
  • Use the best resources
  • Be consistent
  • Be passionate
  • Use good internal links for more help
  • Ask general questions
  • Don’t write to impress only
  • Share insights
  • Post short videos
  • Use short sentences


It is not easy to connect your audience with your voice but it is beautifully amazing to provide the correct information that help them with learn something too from your writing. Many writers can also read your write-ups that means you can also enhance their abilities through your creative writing skills so make sure to be conclusive and work out on your writing smartly.

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